un film di Andrea Segre, con la fotografia di Luca Bigazzi
vincitore al 27° TorinoFilmFestival dei premi:
Primo premio al concorso Docucity



a film by Andrea Segre

Neda is 50 years old, she is from Rome. She is a “true Roman”. She grew up during the Sixties in the heart of the capital, a few steps from the Colosseum. Now Neda doesn’t live in her quarter anymore. She lives in Ponte di Nona. In the heart of the “new centres” in the suburbs of Rome. 6 kilometres away from the Grande Raccordo Anulare, near Prenestrina, more than 20 kilometres far from the Colosseum.

Sara, eighteen years old, has grown up in Ponte di Nona. Her mother is from Apulia and her father from Egypt, she is one of the very few girls in Ponte di Nona who had the chance to attend the high school.

In the heart of this suburb, Sara and Neda take us in a sort of spontaneous inquiry about the dynamics of business and power influencing the everyday life of many citizens like them. This story tells about discomforts and rage, it tries to follow the lives and the thoughts of extraordinary people in hard places. They are photographed in the lively geometries of a great cinematographer, Luca Bigazzi. “May be things change” tells about the dignity of men and particularly of women who still have the courage to fight against social injustice and against the conflicts among poor people.  The film is presented by two new independent and free production society, ZaLab and Officine, facing the immobile Italian cinema market.